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Life EMS Academy/El Paso county ESD #2 consortium

Paramedic Program

Paramedic Program

The Paramedic Program is sponsored by Life EMS Academy/El Paso County ESD #2 Consortium.

Paramedics provide more extensive prehospital care than EMT's. They are able to carry out all the tasks of EMTs, as well as give medication orally and intravenously, interpret electrocardiograms and use other monitors and equipment.



Life EMS Academy/El Paso County ESD #2 Paramedic Program is designed for students to acquire knowledge and skills in order to provide pre-hospital emergency medical care to those individuals needing advanced life support (ALS). Graduates of the program are skilled in advanced life support necessary to meet the needs of those agencies or institutions providing emergency medical services to the community. Classroom, simulated laboratory and clinical experiences in the Paramedic program include content and practice skills related to the emergency medical care of pre-hospital patients.

Topics covered include but not limited to...... Advanced Patient Assessment, Anatomy & Physiology, IV Therapy, Pharmacology, EKG's, Defibrillation, Shock Trauma Assessment / Management and Advanced Airway Management.

Included in the curriculum are certifications in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), and International Trauma Life Support (ITLS). Successful students will be eligible to sit for the National Registry AEMT Written and Practical Exam.

Prerequisite: Current EMT certification (state or NR) and current CPR certification (Healthcare provider or equivalent).

Paramedic: $3,295 The following items are included in the tuition:

Malpractice Insurance
Student Identification Badge

The following items are not included in the tuition price and will be the student's responsibility:

Healthcare Titer Package - prices may vary based on immunizations needed for student

Tdap - needed once every 10 years

TB Test (2 separate tests needed) - needed every year and must cover the time of hospital clinicals

Flu Vaccine - needed during flu season

Drug screening test – urine 10 panel - $20 (this is done during classtime)
EMS Uniform - $25 - School Shirt, Additional items needed: Black Pants, Black Shoes, Black Belt and Safety Vest (cost dependent on items chosen by student)

National Registry/Testing Center Fee - $125 (Paid with application to NR)
State Application Fee $96 (Paid with application to DSHS)
Fingerprinting - $39.70

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