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Web Ballot Plugin


Congratulations! It looks like you have included this enhancement into your package.

Need poll your visitors for their opinions?

User View Components

Login Box

Typically, this component can be placed anywhere, however by default we have placed it into the top right corner of this website design. Once you're logged in, the login box will dissapear. This is typically not required by the end user, however it is used often by the site administrator.


Example Poll

Create as many polls as you like!

      Poll Your Visitors

      Setting up a web poll has never been easier

      Just create a question, and provide some possible answers, then place the component on your web page.

      Example Uses

      Movie Reviews

      Customer Preference Questions

      System Requirements

      Be sure to check your web server environment with your web hosting provider to make sure that it means the following requirements.

      • Server OS: Linux or Unix
      • Web Server: Apache 2 with mod_rewrite and .htaccess files
      • Server Software: PHP 5+, MySQL 5+
      • Not compatible with websites running FrontPage Extensions, or Windows Servers (IIS)